Dog Behavioural Services

I offer two primary in-person Full Consultation services with the option of follow up appointments where needed:

Remote 30 minute Consultations for Issues not Warranting a Full Consultation.

Most issues require a full in-person consultation, but sometimes clients just want a shorter phone/video (remote) consultation to put their mind at ease about a problem that may not warrant a full consultation from a Clinical Animal Behaviourist, or even to see if I can indeed help. If you book a remote consultation and go on to book a full consultation, the cost of the remote consultation will be deducted from the full consultation (as it will form a part of the overall consultation). Remote consultations can take up to 30 minutes, and can be carried out for any country in the world. If you’re booking a full in-person consultation, and just want a 5-10 minute phone conversation beforehand, this is separate and free of charge.

Types of issues remote 30 minute consultations can cover:

Can a Clinical Animal Behaviourist help because I feel like my dog’s issues are beyond help, and will I just be managing the situation forever? If your dog’s behaviour will just need ongoing management instead of re-training, I can give you advice on how best to manage this to get the most out of your dog’s lifetime.

Toilet training issues. Most toilet training issues can be solved remotely.

Wondering if I should get another dog. I can talk through what type (personality) of dog you have, and go through whether a second dog will make life better or worse for your existing dog, and if we together come to the conclusion that it will, then I can talk you through what type of dog and how best to introduce them.

Exercise queries. This will cover things like, how much exercise dogs need (usually a lot less than some of them are getting), and how best to walk them to get the most out of a walk.

How can I increase the lifespan of my dog? The average lifespan of U.K. dogs now is 10.4 years. With some changes that might not be obvious involving looking at elements like stress, exercise, and how they are fed, I can show you how to increase your dog’s lifespan.

Noise phobias that can’t be fixed. Some noise phobias as too ingrained, and some dogs have been too traumatised by fireworks particularly, that it becomes impossible to fix – especially if you live in an area where fireworks go off sporadically for 3-4 months of the year. I can advise on whether your dog can be helped or not, and if not, what ongoing management should look like and if they might need medication.

Neutering concerns. Questions I get asked on this topic are along the lines of: should I have my dog neutered/spayed, and at what age etc, and what are the benefits or downsides from a physical or behaviour perspective? Will neutering make my cautious/anxious dog’s behaviour worse? (This is my most common question). Will neutering fix the issues my dog has? Neutering can make some behaviours worse, but sometimes make a limited amount of behaviours better, and here lies the confusion. I can answer these questions once I know a bit more about your dog, and help you make the right decision for your dog.

Will my puppy/dog grow out of this particular behaviour? Some unwanted behaviours are behaviours that dogs/puppies will grow out of when they grow up and mature, lots of behaviours they unfortunately grow into – practice make perfect. I can help you understand if things will get worse or better, and if you need to do something ASAP to stop unwanted behaviours escalating to more extreme behaviours (that eventually could become impossible to fix), or if you should wait and with age they will grow out of certain behaviours.

We want to go on holiday but I don’t trust anyone to mind my dog. Lots of owners I see haven’t been on holidays in years because they worry too much about what could go wrong if their dog is without them. I can help you find the best way to make sure your dog is safe, taken care of, and how you can go on holiday without worry.

Other issues. If you have any other particular question or issue that you feel doesn’t warrant a full consultation or that fits into an ‘advice only’ category, please let me know and I will be able to tell you if the issues can be resolved via a remote consultation.

The cost of the remote consultation is £50, they can be from any location, and they can last about 30 minutes.