Puppy training consultation (one-to-one)

My puppy consultation offers you my many years of my experience condensed into just a few hours. The consultation takes between 2-3 hours depending on how much you know already, and as a qualified clinical animal behaviourist I can help set you and your new puppy for a long happy life together. Getting help early is the key to not having to deal with behaviour problems down the line.

I can go through all or any of the following:

  • Settling your puppy in
  • Night time routines
  • Chewing inappropriate items in your house, which includes which toys to buy and which ones to avoid
  • Nipping and biting behaviour towards humans
  • Teaching calm introductions to visitors
  • Toilet training
  • Appropriate socialisation and what your puppy needs to experience when they’re young enough to get socialised
  • Personality and temperament assessment and what your individual puppy needs, because puppies can get under-socialised or over-socialised
  • How to leave your puppy, and how frequently to leave them so they don’t develop separation issues later in life.
  • Sleeping and resting and how much your puppy needs, so they’re not biting as a consequence of too little or too much sleep
  • How much exercise is enough or too much for your puppy and throughout their adulthood
  • How to avoid injuries
  • How to keep stress low.
  • Preparing for vet visits/grooming etc.
  • Mental stimulation for your puppy
  • Walking on a lead
  • Recall (come back when called) training
  • Sits/stays
  • Calmness at the front door so you don’t end up with a puppy that dashes out the door as soon as the door is open
  • Teaching your puppy to not jump up on you (or on furniture if this is something you want to teach)
  • Possession issues for when your puppy takes items, and teaching how to get these items back so as not to create a possessive-aggressive dog
  • How much to feed your puppy and when to increase or decrease food amounts
  • How to avoid food aggression issues
  • What treats to use and which ones to avoid
  • Car travel
  • Vet visit and grooming stress reduction

While these are all things I can teach you, if you already have taught some or all of these things, I can spend the session working on other specific things you want to work on.

For those with other pets already in the household (dogs/cats/rabbits/etc) I can show you how to have household harmony so that all pets can get along.

So whether you’re completely new to puppy ownership, or have had dogs before but want a refresher on how to help set your puppy up for success, please contact me.

The cost of the new puppy training session is £250.
This includes the 2-3 hour consultation in your home and a written training and behaviour plan emailed to you after the visit.

FOLLOW UP VISITS (at your request)
I aim to provide you with all the information you need and remain available by phone, text and email for questions.  Often this is all that is required, with most queries being easily cleared up this way.

If however you feel like you require a follow up visit, because you never know what problems could arise as your puppy matures, these are available at the discounted cost of £100 if I travel back to your house, or £75 if you wish to travel to me.