Puppy training consultation (one-to-one)

DSC09510It can take years to find out what your puppy or dog needs from you. As a qualified dog behaviourist I can offer you many years of experience and advice condensed into just a few hours. Whether you’ve had a puppy before or not, a lot of things have changed in relation to how dogs are trained these days.
Instead of going to puppy training classes or going on puppy training courses, I offer a specialised puppy training session for new puppies in your own home.A general puppy training class teaches things such as: sit, stay and walking to heel, but these are all things that can be easily taught at any time.The day to day things that your puppy does in your home are seldom addressed in puppy training classes and the following things are genuine queries I get asked, and teach owners all the time:
  • How do I stop my puppy biting?
  • How do I stop my puppy chewing things in my house?
  • How do I toilet train my puppy?
  • Where should my puppy sleep?
  • How do I socialise my puppy?
  • When should I socialise my puppy?
  • How do I teach my puppy to stop barking when I leave?
  • How do I get my dog to like my puppy?
  • How do I get my puppy to stop chasing my cat?

The most important thing for your puppy to learn from the moment s/he arrives at your home, is how to fit into the life that lies ahead of them. A puppy’s ability to socialise in pretty much over by 16 weeks of age, so the clock is ticking. If you haven’t introduced them to all the things that they’re going to encounter in life well before this time making sure you get it right at each step, then there may be problems for them in later life.The first few days and weeks in your home are the most critical for your puppy, as this is when they learn all the habits (good and bad) that can stay with them for life. If you get the foundations right at this stage, you can help protect your puppy against many avoidable problems for the future.

During the session which takes about two and a half hours, I will cover everything you need to know to set your puppy up for life, including: toilet training, biting and nipping, time alone, how and where to socialise, general training including sit, stay, walk to heel recall etc, how to mentally stimulate and entertain your puppy when you are there, and also when you are not there, how and when and how much to feed, how to prepare for the vets or groomers, and a lot more.

If your puppy has a sympathetic socialisation period in the early days, all the unwanted problems on the dog behaviour problems list on my website can be avoided.

Before you buy countless expensive gadgets and toys from the pet-shop, I can show you the things that your puppy will and won’t need, and I can teach you to get your head around all the training, equipment and toys that you will need to make training more simple for you and your puppy.

A lot of puppy toys, products and gadgets on the market are not only expensive but can actually unwittingly help encourage problems such as fear of fireworks, chewing of household objects and they can also prolong toileting indoors.

With a new puppy training session you can learn to understand your puppy and why they do what they do.

Having a puppy in your house can be stressful and confusing because all the information you’ve read on the Internet and in books doesn’t work for every puppy.

Instead of waiting until your puppy is old enough to go to puppy training classes or go on a puppy training course, you can start immediately and set your puppy up for success.

So to make the transition from the breeder’s house, where a puppy had unlimited attention, to your home, where generally there is less going on, as easy as possible for your new puppy, it is best to get some practical advice early on. You can begin training your puppy as soon as they arrive.

The cost of the new puppy training session is £250.

FOLLOW UP VISITS (at your request)

I aim to provide you with all the information you need and remain available by phone, text and email for as long as you require support, at no extra charge.

And often this is all that is required, with most queries being easily cleared up this way.

If however you feel like you require a follow up visit, because you never know what problems could arise as your puppy matures, these are available at the discounted cost of £100 if I travel back to your house, or £75 if you wish to travel to me.