My prices are as follows:

  • Home (in-person in your home) full consultation with behaviour-modification plan, and follow-up telephone/email support – £250
  • Follow-up home visit – £100 (follow up meet-up in a park near me – £75).
  • Remote consultation (anywhere the world) for minor/management issues as described on Dog Behavioural Services page (on this website) – £50

Insurance: if your insurance policy covers for behaviour issues (check your policy or ring your insurers if your policy isn’t clear), then because I am a member of The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors APBC, The Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians FABC, and The Animal Behaviour and Training Council ABTC, my fees are usually covered by insurers. But check with your insurer if they cover costs of a Clinical Animal Behaviourist from any of these organisations. I don’t however deal with insurance claims directly, clients pay me and claim my fee back with an invoice that I provide.

Parking charges: Most homes I visit have free on-street parking or a driveway on the property, so there are no extra charges other than what you see above. If however you don’t live in an area where there is free on-street parking, or you don’t have a parking permit, or you don’t have a parking space that I can use (your own or one borrowed from your neighbour), then I will need to add car parking charges to the overall consultation cost. Please allow 3 hours of parking charges – as consultations can take about 2 hours. In Manchester city centre, this can cost me £15-25 usually (but it will depend what your nearest car-park charges are).