James came highly recommended and we certainly weren’t disappointed. His friendly approach and natural ability to understand animals proved both successful and fun for our rescue Lurcher, Smaske. Although a fantastic dog, he didn’t come completely without a few challenges but James helped us understand his behaviour. After using his techniques we saw an instant improvement. After our 1 to 1 session, James continued to show an interest in how Smaske’s training is progressing and continues to offer his guidance and advice when we need it
Christina Savage, Salford.DSC06517
James, you did so much for me and fudge, he’s doing great, playing with other dogs, listens more, he’s like a different dog and I have a lot more confidence and understanding thanks to you. I would recommend you to any of my friends who are having dog problems.  Like I said before, I cannot thank you enough.
Sue Worswick, Droylsden.
Your training worked a treat and Butch has been toileting in the right place religiously. Honestly I cannot thank you enough! We followed your training plan and all is well.
Zeynep Turunc, Fallowfield
I have 2 golden retrievers, Gus and Ollie. In March 2009 Gus started to attack Ollie for no apparent reason and it was a very scary time. I then had to keep them separated at all times while I was in the house. Before the fighting, they had always been together so I couldn’t understand it. When James came round he asked questions to find out why things had changed. He worked out why Gus had began to attack Ollie and told me things I could change to get them to live happily together again and wrote a training plan to help me get there. I was extremely worried and distressed as I assumed I’d have to give one of them up, but James reassured me that if I stuck to the plan things would go back to normal. I’m delighted to say that the training worked perfectly and they’re both living happily together again. So I’d like to say a huge thanks from Me, Gus and Ollie.
Rachel Horn and Golden Retrievers, Salford
I decided to get in touch with James as I was having trouble with two of my dogs constantly fighting – they weren’t able to be in the same room together and it got to a stage where I nearly had to re-home one of them. I was dubious about hiring a dog trainer as I didn’t think my dogs could be ‘fixed’. How wrong I was! James was absolutely brilliant from the minute he stepped in the door. He gave us tip and hints of how to get them liking each other again and told us what to do if the problem came back. Thank you so much James for all your help. I would highly recommend you to others and have done so already.
Janet and Jamie, Westhoughton
Just a note to thank you for yesterday. Monty is a totally different dog now. We had a good day yesterday with just 1 short “mad moment” that was quickly quelled, and again today just 1 silly time that was quickly brought under control. We’ve had a few visitors yesterday and today and he just sits there wagging his tail rather than go jumping at them as he did before. Thanks again.
Martin Glynn and Springer Puppy
Thanks very much James. We really appreciate the advice you have given us for Max – which we are putting into practice. Max is already walking better, coming back to us in the park, calmer with traffic, and enjoys sitting on his rug in the kitchen/ diner while we manage to cook and unload the dishwasher in peace! He generally seems calmer and more content. So we will keep up your good work. Thank you very much for the training plan  – that’s great – as there was a lot to take in. Perry and I will certainly be recommending you to anyone we meet locally who needs help withtheir dog’s behaviour.Many thanks,
Margaret Twigg and Collie Puppy, Didsbury
James’s techniques worked miracles on my two dogs. My dog Difa had been crazy for nine years and very aggressive towards other dogs. He was starting to teach my new puppy all his mischievous behaviours. After one session with James, the difference in their actions was remarkable, and the dogs clearly enjoyed learning new skills for treats.Both dogs now walk well on a lead, socialise with other dogs, and are very obedient within the house.James’ professionalism and passion for dogs made the training fun for both me and the dogs. He continued to provide support via text and email for several weeks after his session.I would recommend his services to everybody!
Hazel and Difa, Boltonhttp://www.barkingbuddies.net
I have a 16 month old American Bulldog “Biggs,” who was a nightmare to walk and had a terrible fear of cars, he would try and attack them as they drove past and constantly pulled on the lead when being walked. I contacted James and he came to our aid. “Biggs” is now great on the lead and much better around cars, he is constantly improving as we do daily work with him following James’ routine. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact James again, he even gave us some tips on our Chihauhau whilst working with us. We cannot thank him enough as we now have a normal dog who is part of our family. I have 100% confidence that James can help improve yours and your dogs lives.
Jon Bentley, The Westfield Pub, Bradford.
Hi, this is in relation to the ad for James Carroll, the dog Trainer, this guy is a dog wizard, he came to our house to train our 1 year old Labrador and he is absolutely fantastic, I cannot recommend him enough. Before this, our dog was boisterous and over-exciteable and had eaten 2 of our couches.. Now after one session of James’s help, Fudge is so different. James is not a scammer, he does exactly what it says on the tin. A big thank you from me and fudge.
Dave Eckersley and Chocolate Labrador, Manchester (From an ad placed on Gumtree website as a Thank You)
Hi James, we’re making progress as Sid slept in his own bed last night for the first time, and walked really well this morning with no pulling. Best of all when I went out of the house this morning he was quiet for the first time ever. We’re both really enthusiastic about the training program and you’ve not only shown us what to do, but motivated us no end.
Sarah Parr, Stockport.
Hi James,
Just wanted to say thank you so much, you were brilliant! I’m really looking forward to the training plan and putting it into practice! Thank-you again, you’re a star.
Jo and Danny Burton, Droylsden
Hi James, just wanted to say thank you for your help and advice. You really helped with my confidence in handling Ghillie in what was a very a difficult situation for me, and your understanding of the affect my fear of dogs has on him. Your calm and reassuring manner helped me so much to control Ghillie far more that I thought I could, especially around another dog. Thank you
Ruth Wilkinson, Lymm
I have a 4 year-old rescue Jack-Russell-Cross, named Sydney who had extreme dog-aggression issues. This then turned to humans (including myself!). Syd was very nearly sent back to the dogs-home as his aggression grew out of control and I became too frightened to be near him. After seeing James, Sydney began to co-operate and do things I asked. James was with me every step of the way with training tips and phone calls to help me, while I was in floods of tears. One year on and Syd is now a loving, caring and fun dog. He will walk away from other dogs with one command from me. I rarely use a lead (we now live in the country) and I know and trust him 100%, which I never thought possible. I have recommended James to various people and I will continue to do so, as he has turned our lives around. A very BIG thank-you!!!!
Sarah and Sydney, Huddersfield
Hi James – I cannot recommend you enough – you clearly have something very special in the way you are able to work through the individual needs and problems of dogs and their owners.  You were originally recommended by a neighbour whose dog you had worked miracles with. I am writing to thank you so much for your support and help with our two Welsh Springers, Rocky and Bella.  Our troubles started when Rocky was attacked by an off lead Bull Mastiff and I lost my confidence which rubbed off on the dogs –  you managed to restore my confidence and also fix a few other on-going problems.Unfortunately many months later, there was a subsequent attack on my dogs, this time involving two Rottweilers.  There was limited physical damage (Rocky came off worst) but this second attack ended in all three of us needing your help and support again as it became impossible to walk them in the street or off lead in the park without them barking or charging at other innocent dogs as they were scared stiff of dogs following the incident. Very scary stuff.  I didn’t hesitate to call you again! Since your last visit, calm has again been re-stored.  The dogs love you to bits and hang on your every word – my confidence is almost back to normal.  I will continue to introduce you to other dog owners who would clearly benefit from your expertise.
Wendy, Rocky and Bella, Prestwich
We first got in touch with James because our rescued Staffie had dog aggression issues while walking on the lead. We couldn’t walk past any dogs without Millie lunging and growling so we avoided these embarrassing encounters by escaping to the other side of the road as soon as we spotted a dog ahead. Since seeing James a few months ago, Millie has made a dramatic improvement. Now we can walk past almost any dog on the same side of the road without any reaction. In fact we just adopted another Staffie and James was very supportive throughout the whole process and gave us some really good advice. What’s really good is that James follows things up by e-mailing you after the session and keeps in touch with you to see how things are going and he has a lovely manner with the dogs. James is brilliant, would recommend him to anyone!
Lulu Yang, Salford
Thanks very much James for the time you spent training Dexter. It was brilliant! We’ve seen a huge improvement since the training, he’s walking better, sits when we ask, sits on his bed while we prepare his food or whilst while we eat, and he’s now getting along with the cats! We will definitely be keeping up the good work and sticking to your training plan. Jon and I will definitely recommend you to anyone we hear that needs dog training! Thank you again!
Kate and Jon Berry and Dexter, Oldham.
We turned to James for help when our little Chihuahua Pancho had been through a few traumas which made him very difficult to handle and we were at the point of considering drastic action of rehoming or worse. James‘s knowledge and experience helped us to recover the situation explaining to us the psychology at play with Pancho during this time. The training plan he provided has worked wonders and we are continuing to make progress with Pancho. We could not recommend James highly enough to anyone having difficulties with their dog and thanks to his skill we have our family group back and Pancho is getting back to the character he was before the traumas.
Les Tarr and Pancho, Pendelbury.
Fantastic session with James. Really showed us how we can adjust our puppy’s behaviour for the better and just because she’s very head-strong, doesn’t mean she’s a lost cause! Very very invaluable. Thanks James.
Holly and Richard Nicol and Bobbi. Salford.
James did a session with us and our 14 week old Whippet Skylar – it was great – he’s like a Doggie hypnotist ! She was putty in his hands and it was so great seeing what is possible with a bit of time, the know-how and hot dogs! James completely exceeded our expectations of a trainer and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services. We are having so much fun training our pup :-)Thanks James
Jo Wood and Skylar, Whalley Range.
James came to us to teach us to train our German Shepherd puppy, Dexter. Just want to share with everyone how helpful this was. James is fantastic and knows exactly what he is doing, a true professional. I would recommend James to everyone no matter how small or large your problem is with your dog, he will be able to help. Thank you very much, it was a pleasure. We have a lot of training to do but I’m sure we will get there! If not we will definitely be calling again for another training session. Thanks again James, you’re a star! Xxx
Zuzana and Michelle Riley and Dexter, Radcliffe.

James came to visit and train the 2 boys today and we had a brilliant time. I cannot recommend him enough – and on top of that he was extremely nice as well
Heather Croft and 2 Border Terriers.
I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to James and recommend him to anyone who feels they need help with their pooch. I called James after months of worrying about our Border Terrier, Tuco, who basically went BONKERS every time he saw another dog, regardless of size. I thought he had aggression issues and therefore we had to keep him on his lead, avoid parks where other dogs play, cross over roads as soon as we saw another dog approaching and we had even resorted to picking him up to get passed another dog to avoid causing any kind of commotion. We had lots of people giving us different types of advise but nothing was working! We had even enrolled ourselves onto a 6 week dog training course, but we didn’t go back after the first session out of embarrassment! Tuco was out of control, in a room with 11 other dogs and he literally did not stop going bonkers for the first 50 minutes, and the session was only an hour long. The trainer, didn’t give us any tips or advise to why he was behaving like this, she just repeatedly asked us to get him to settle on his matt!!! This just did not work. So, we were hesitant to look at other training and thought we would just try to solve the problem ourselves. But we couldn’t and Tuco’s behaviour  was becoming increasingly worse, so we decided we couldn’t go on without real expert help, so after lots of research I thankfully found Jame’s website. I loved reading the testimonials, and felt they were ‘real’ and I could identify with the stories. THANK GOODNESS!!! I cannot begin to thank James enough or say how amazed we are with the results after such a short period of time. James came to meet us on Saturday and by following his plan, after only 3 days, Tuco has been in the park playing with other dogs!!! I cannot believe it! And guess what….. we don’t have an aggressive dog, we had frightened dog. James was with us for over three hours and explained with each exercise, clearly what he was doing and why he was doing it and what it meant in the long run. He was so patient and was very hands on, he wouldn’t move onto the next exercise until he was confident  that we were doing the exercise properly and we knew what we were doing. The training is really practical, he even introduced Tuco to the lovely Ollie, his training dog, to allow us to see firsthand how to deal with Tuco’s behaviour towards other dogs, and we all went to the park to meet new dogs too. I couldn’t believe it after a couple of hours with James, we were actually in the park with other dogs, and Tuco was playing with them (on his training lead), which brought an immediate tear to my eye!! He has given us a training plan tailor made for Tuco, not just a standard ‘one size fits all’ plan and I feel confident that I could contact James anytime if we needed to follow up on any of the training, he has a genuine love for dogs and I would recommend him a thousand times over. James has instilled so much confidence in us which is obviously giving Tuco much more confidence to be around other dogs and enriching his life in so many ways. THANK YOU JAMES!! We’ll see you again when we get puppy number 2 which we had thought could never be an option before. A very very very grateful,
Emma, Jason and Tuco, Didsbury.