Dog Training and behavioural problems addressed

IMG_1450I deal with all types of dog training and behavioural issues, including:
• training to help rescue dogs settle into new homes • new puppy training • general sits, downs, stays • walking properly on the lead • aggression towards people or other dogs • integrate dogs and babies/kids, or prepare for a newborn • integrate new puppy/dog into home of existing dog • multi-dog households • integrate new puppy/dog into home of existing cat • separation anxiety • fears and phobias • attention/territorial/fear barking • re-call training • chasing bikes/joggers • toilet training • jumping up on people • fear of groomers • fear of cars • over-excitability around guests • over-excitability around dogs out on a walk/park • breeding and puppy-raising advice for new breeders
Above are the main reasons people contact me, but I also deal with unique problems. So, if you are experiencing a behaviour that you would like help with and think it is unusual, please get in touch, even if it’s only to put your mind at ease.
A behavioural consultation is completely different from dog training classes or a dog training course. In dog training classes, you generally learn dog training related lessons, such as: sit, stay, walking to heel, recall etc. A behaviour consultation from a qualified dog behaviourist is a behaviour modification session that is tailored specifically for your dog.

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