If you would like to discuss your needs for behavioural services, please contact me (free of charge) by email or phone and I’ll be happy to help.


Phone: 07814 517758

Email is my preferred communication format as I often can’t answer the phone (when I’m in consultations), but if you want to speak to me by phone before you book something, we can arrange that by email for a time when we’re both free, for a free-of-charge 5-10 minute phone conversation about your dog’s issues. In the first instance, just send me an email with your dog’s name, age, sex, breed, and a description of the issues that you want to address, and most enquiries can be booked by email unless you want to chat to me by phone also.

I cover most (but not all) of the Greater Manchester area and a little bit outside of it. If you are unsure if I cover your area or not, just send me your address (with postcode).