I have a Masters (MSc) degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare from Newcastle University, specialising in dog behaviour. The course is validated by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) Accreditation Committee and fulfills the academic requirements for Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourists (CCAB).

Before completing my professional qualifications, I studied Conservation at the University of Salford and graduated with a first class BSc honours. The degree had a strong emphasis on ethology – the scientific study of animal behaviour – and my final year dissertation specialised in animal behaviour.

I have been working as a dog trainer and behaviourist for many years. I grew up on a farm in County Wexford, Ireland, and was surrounded by animals from an early age. My work with dogs began at a teenager when I started training working-sheepdogs for herding work on the family farm. This progressed to training herding-dogs for other farmers, to rescue dogs for local dog-sanctuaries, and finally to pet-dogs and their owners in their own homes. I work with all different breeds, covering all types of behaviours from new puppies, to dogs with severe aggression and phobias.